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Winchester 308 win 150gr power max bonded

For best results you may need to adjust neck tension (switch bushings) after a few reloadings.
That is absolute max in my rifle but hotting up the load did drop ES back down to 6 fps, producing some bughole groups to boot.
The WSM cannot really be accused of being a severely powder cramped design, even though powder capacity is heavily reduced when using long for caliber 208/210 grain projectiles, the WSM is able to achieve velocities of between 26fps, delivering excellent wounding potential out to moderate.
RL.0 Fed 210M 154gr Horn Interbond 2900 Win Brass.History, in 1958 Winchester released the.338 Winchester Magnum, a potent, well balanced medium bore cartridge.For light framed deer, which covers many of the worlds deer species and also antelope species, many 150 grain factory loads produce spectacular killing.Its only weakness, is the.30 caliber bore diameter, limiting width of wounding through the largest sur la table class promo code 2017 of game.With factory ammunition the.300 Winchester Magnum often does some of its best work with 150 grain offerings, regardless of the lower than optimal BCs.As can be expected, the tougher ttbbc and TSX do their best work on large, very tough animals at impact velocities above 2400fps (240 yards).With any brand of brass to be used.284 Win, you'll need to inspect the brass, and prep the cases.Path.5 0 -3.5.5 -8.3 -11.6.3 4 Yards.1/4" at 100 yards.Factory ammunition for the.300 Winchester was (and still is) loaded to a very short over all length, allowing the cartridge to be utilized in various brands of rifles with less than optimal length magazines.Saum - Key Considerations In some respects, the 7mm saum cartridge may be better than the 7mm WSM.

We've received many good reports about Remington brass, but, typically, it new look promo code unidays will require sorting into two or three batches according to neck-wall thickness.
Charge weight varies with powder lot.
The combination of knockdown power, excellent ballistics, national donut day 2018 freebies and reduced recoil (compared.308 shooting bullets of comparable BC) has also earned favor with Metallic Silhouette shooters.
However, Vihtavuori N170 would not give me sufficient velocity even with a full case but Vihtavuori N570 gives good velocity but I could never quite match the accuracy obtained with the Reloder.
For those who intend to hunt large bodied game, a packet of Woodleigh projectiles tucked away is a great thing.Some shooters feel that the necks on Win-brand brass are too thick out of the box.Powder Selection for the 7mm saum Preferred powders for the 7mm Rem saum (with heavy bullets) are the same as for the 7mm WSM: H1000, H4831sc, IMR 7828, Reloder 22 and 25, Vihtavuori N170, N560, N570, and Norma MRP.Short Magnums are "overbore" cases with notoriously short barrel lives.While the 180gr VLDs, typically, work best seated.010" or more into the lands, some shooters have obtained excellent accuracy jumping their bullets.020" or more.