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Large electronic departures boards clearly show the train number, destination, departure time and ticket gate number, see the photos below. .
China DIY charge the official Chinese Railways price 10 per ticket.
How to get to Shanghai Hongqiao : Honqiao railway station is 18km (11 miles) west of central Shanghai. .
The train has comfortable 4-berth soft sleepers.
Train sea life centre st andrews discount number: G142 G14 G146 G148 G170 G150 G152 G16 G154 G44 G158 G18 G22 Shanghai main station Shanghai Hongqiao depart game gift card balance enquiry 14:10 15:00 14:52 15:23 15:52 16:05 16:18 17:00 17:13 17:23 17:34 18:00 19:00 Beijing South station arrive 20:18 19:36 20:48 21:13 21:18 22:00 22:12.Choose between the World's Fastest Passenger Train, a 350 km/h (217 mph) high-speed train taking as little as 4 hours 28 minutes or a time-effective 250 km/h (156 mph) express sleeper train which saves a hotel bill. .1st class seats are far more spacious, and are arranged 22 across the car width. .Beijing South main entrance.Finding your train is easy. .The original sleeper trains are 16-cars long, consisting of 13 sleeping-cars each with nine comfortable 4-berth soft sleeper compartments, one buffet car and two streamlined end cars with a limited number of 2nd class seats. .Train number: G10 G42 G122 G124 G126 G130 G12 G132 G134 G138 G140 G4 Shanghai main station : Shanghai Hongqiao depart 10:00 10:26 10:41 11:00 11:05 11:20 12:17 13:01 13:30 13:35 14:00 Beijing South station arrive 14:28 16:08 16:43 16:18 17:05 17:29 16:38 18:32 18:58.Upper berths (and middle berths in hard sleeper) are a fraction cheaper.Shanghai Hongqiao departure hall.The Man in Seat 61 vive student discount says : "As you can see, the glass to the cab is permanently electrically frosted up, so there's not much sightseeing going. .

The Raffles Beijing Hotel dates from 1917, making it one of the oldest hotels in Beijing, see. .
Business class is expensive, even by western standards, but if you can stretch that far it's well worth. .
Business Class lounge in the main hall near gate. .Train number: G141 G145 G11 G155 G147 G169 G151 G13 G153 G157 G15 G17 G21 Beijing South station depart 14:10 14:35 15:00 15:45 15:50 16:40 16:45 17:00 17:15 17:36 18:00 19:00 19:08 Shanghai Hongqiao arrive 20:05 20:34 19:28 21:41 22:00 22:42 23:02 21:36 23:11 23:40.Berths are clearly numbered on the compartment door.Like the CRH380B, there is an 8-car 16-car version.These 300km/h trains are German-designed by Siemens, you can see the similarity to a German Railways ICE3 train. .A cheaper option, still with good reviews and reasonable location, try the Pentahotel Beijing. .There's a brief X-ray baggage check as you enter the station, so arrive at least 30 minutes before your train leaves.Map of Shanghai showing stations Fares for high-speed trains By G-category 300 km/h train 2nd class seat 1st class seat Business class seat Beijing-Shanghai one-way per person: RMB 553 RMB 933 RMB 1,748 Fares for sleeper trains By D-category express sleeper train By T-category slow.For a full run-down of the various ways to buy Chinese train tickets in person and online, see the how to buy tickets section on the Train Travel in China page.

From 21 September 2017 these will operate at up to 350 km/h (217 mph) in service. .
Seats rotate (apart from the ones in the sightseeing areas ) and are turned to face forwards for each trip 2nd class seats are arranged 23 across the car width. .