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130 grain 300 win mag

130 grain 300 win mag

Id rather have more energy than less.
Dont confuse that with the kick that you feel when shooting.
Your 30-06 can make the shot, but the 300 Win Mag offers over 400 foot-pounds more energy with a nclex rn promo code 2017 180-grain bullet at that 400-yard plus bull elk.
Average Sectional Density.300 Winchester Magnum.300 Winchester Short Magnum.284.273 From this data set, the.300 Win Mag still has a slightly higher sectional density than the.300 WSM rounds.For hunters, these rounds remain well above supersonic speeds at the distances you will be taking shots from, as you can see from the velocity data above.For factory loads, both of these cartridges bring pretty impressive trajectories.Most bullets designed for hunting expand on impact to create a more damaging wound and give optimal transfer of force to the surrounding tissue.Interestingly, we do see a little more separation between these two cartridges at the 1,000 yard range.Your drop will be 470 inches at 1200 yards and you will have 939-foot-pounds of energy.And while their names are similar, we are going to dive deeper into their performance specs in this comparison.We have compiled the velocity data for all prize bond result 200 15 march 2017 ten rounds from the muzzle out to 500 yards and graphed them here (Graph 2).For most people, this recoil is manageable especially given the extra stopping power and trajectory you get from.We calculated the sectional density numbers for the ten rounds and listed them in graph form below (Graph 8).The first is that all ten of these rounds group together very tightly out to 500 yards.The higher the BC, the better the bullet overcomes the environment it is flying through.

So, we gathered the long range data and presented it here (Graph 6).
All of the ten rounds are interspersed in the graph which means each cartridge has the options for faster and slower rounds.
The sectional density alone does not indicate penetration.
While both cartridges use.308 bullets, the.300 Win Mag usually is loaded with heavier bullets than the.300 WSM.If you are looking for a cartridge that will cover your hunting needs from Alaska to Zimbabwe, look no further than the.300 Winchester Magnum.At 300 yards, all of these rounds still have well above 2,000 with several rounds, including both.300 Win Mag and.300 WSM, still carrying more than 2,500ft.The load consists of 220 grain Sierra MatchKing Hollow Point Boat Tail Very Low Drag bullets fired at 2850 feet per second.At any range, both of these cartridges perform very similarly.We are looking at the energy that is generated when firing these rounds.When it comes to this type of data, there browns hotel afternoon tea voucher is no concern with comparing cartridges, but you should be aware that these numbers can change when being fired from your rifle.Both of these cartridges are a bit more expensive than other centerfire cartridges, but they also bring a lot more to the table regarding stopping power and ballistics.We just dont think its the best method for looking at two cartridges with a broad view and being able to present you with data that remains consistent.

The higher the ballistic coefficient, the less prone to wind resistance and drag the bullet.